Food and wine lovers converge on Coonawarra for Beefsteak and Burgundy Convention

“There are over 220 national delegates and another 100 members from within the Limestone Coast network of clubs who have registered for the convention”, said Mr Paltridge.

Beefsteak and burgundy: Convention committee members Brian Smibert, Wendy Hollick, Michelle Stehbens and Rick Paltridge.

“The support for our 2018 Coonawarra Beefsteak and Burgundy Convention has exceeded our expectations, and I think it would be fair to say that it has even surprised the national organisation that oversees the management of any convention event.”

Mr Paltridge said the local planning committee – composed of representatives from the three clubs, was absolutely focussed on showcasing the regions great range of wines and local produce while encouraging visiting delegates (and their partners) to take a few extra days to explore the Limestone Coast.

“We get to live in a really beautiful part of Australia and the Convention provides us all with a great opportunity to welcome visitors to our region, as well as making sure they have a memorable time and leave with a really positive impression about our communities and hospitality” said Mr Paltridge.

Mr Paltridge said the majority of delegates will start arriving later in the week, with registration events occurring on Friday November 9 where delegates will receive a curated bag of local produce and wine, including a custom-made pine wood cheese board inscribed with convention details.”

He said there would be three key events: a welcome dinner hosted at Katnook Estate on Friday evening; a more formal dinner event on Saturday evening at the same venue; and a brunch at Rymill Coonawarra.

Katnook Estate will host the Welcome Dinner
“With over 270 people attending each event, there will be an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes work by a committed team of sub-committee members and volunteers, as well as professional caterers, to get the venues, special wines, and foods prepared.” “It’s an enormous undertaking but we are confident that the convention will be a great success.”

“We have also planned a range of additional experiences including tours of Yallum Park and the Mary MacKillop Interpretive Centre, visits to two local gardens, a golf competition, and a masterclass wine session – which was actually booked out months ago, for those interested in seeking broader insights about the Coonawarra and Penola region.”

The committee has estimated that the Convention will inject around $500,000 into the local economy, with virtually all of the accommodation outlets nearly booked-out in Penola and Coonawarra, with some larger groups of delegates opting for Mount Gambier.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without major sponsorship support from the Department of Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA), Jaguar Land Rover, Katnook Estate and Wattle Range Council, among other valued sponsors.

For more information contact Rick Paltridge 0427 372 755.

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