CGWI Projects and Initiatives

Optimizing water use efficiency for improved wine quality in Coonawarra vineyards using
remote sensing technologies – Season 2

The agricultural sector is the largest user of freshwater in Australia accounting for nearly 70% of total consumption. Given the increasing demand for freshwater simultaneously with its scarcity, and the need to continually improve wine quality for a competitive export market, a second season of data collection was undertaken in the vintage of 2017 to assess remote sensing aerial imagery as a tool to quantify vine water and nitrogen (N) status across the Coonawarra region…..View Report

A comprehensive report submitted to PIRSA & SENRM Board (MAY 2017) on behalf of Coonawarra Grape & Wine Inc. by Dr Catherine Kidman, Dr Vinay Pagay and Allen Jenkins


Assessing rootstocks and wine quality

A rootstock trial, which has been running in Coonawarra for ten years, is yielding important data about rootstock performance for the wine industry. The Coonawarra Rootstock Demonstration Project was planted in Spring 2009, with the intention of running as a long-term demonstration for the community.

It was initiated by Vinehealth Australia and supported by Coonawarra Vignerons and Wynns Coonawarra Estate in response to industry concerns about rootstock use and impacts on vine growth and wine quality, and the growing interest in the use of rootstocks in Australian viticulture.

From most of the rootstock research assessing wine quality to date, it is clear that a combination of rootstock, scion variety, location and soil type impact the resultant wine.

This trial is, therefore, essential for Coonawarra to understand which combination of rootstocks will perform best for a particular wine style and quality.  Read more…

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