Call out to up and coming Winemakers as Registrations Open for Young Gun of Wine Awards

Registrations are now open for the 13th annual Young Gun of Wine, designed to find, celebrate and showcase Australia’s young and emerging winemakers.

Focused on giving a platform to winemakers on the rise, Young Gun of Wine is open to Australian winemakers up to 45yo making all sorts of wine – traditional wine, experimental wine, biodynamic, natural, orange/amber, single vineyard, blended, sparkling, fortified, whatever it is, in the words of Mike Bennie, we’re looking for, “Diversity.

Creativity. Deliciousness. Transparency of winemaking. Wines that thrill for personality and reflection of winemaker and place.”

Young Gun of Wine encourages winemakers who have participated before to jump in again… In a new addition to the program, every producer entering has the option to show their wines at one trade event and one consumer event before the end of 2018!

After 12 years of consumer events, Young Gun of Wine has added “Wineslinger” and trade tasting events to its program to provide further connection between sommeliers, merchants and winemakers. Added to that, the roadshow is going to Brisbane for the first time!

Liam O’Brien, sommelier at Cutler & Co, and winemaker at Athletes of Wine, knows all too well how important it is to be connecting: “I attended the events originally as a sommelier to find new wines for my venue’s list. The last two years I’ve started showing my wines at Young Gun of Wine. And if I wasn’t attending in a professional capacity, I’d
be there as a punter… Whoever you are, the events are the place for new Aussie wines.”

2018 Young Gun of Wine winner, Rob Mack of Aphelion says, “Young Gun of Wine is a platform to put your brand on the national stage. Just being part of the showcase allows you access to pour at amazing venues to people who are genuinely interested in your wine and story. Progress further in the events, and many doors to the best trade in the
country swing open to you.”

Mack will join the Young Gun of Wine tasting panel in 2019 – he knows what the winemakers are going through.

Registrations for the 2019 Young Gun of Wine are open until August 10.

Winemakers are encouraged to register today via Trybooking and for all specific details
about the upcoming showcase, see the Registrations page at

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