Homeless Grapes Project is coming to Coonawarra

Vinomofo, Australia’s favourite online wine vendor, is calling all wine enthusiasts, casual drinkers and sneaky tipplers to lend a hand and help out picking grapes for the 3rd annual Homeless Grapes Project, Saturday 14th April, starting at Raidis Estate and working their way to Patrick of Coonawarra to finish at Hollick Estates.

The project is a harmonious fusion of the best in the community; a gathering of winemakers, growers, producers, families and individuals whom all donate their time and resources to create a fantastic local wine — made by the people, for the people — with 100% of the proceeds going towards The Hutt Street Centre, an Adelaide based Homelessness support group.

The past two South Australian vintages have enabled more than $70K to be donated to Hutt Street and Vinomofo’s CEO and Co-Founder Andre Eikmeier expects this year’s Shiraz to generate a huge amount of interest and funding for Hutt Street.

“The beautiful thing about this project is the coming together of so many people; from the winemakers, the growers, mums, dads and their children, all picking and working together to solve this issue of homelessness,” said Mr Eikmeier.

This year is the first that Coonawarra wineries have been involved in the project, with Vinomofo expanding the Homeless Grapes Project to engage in total three wine regions, nine wineries, three incredible winemakers and an enthusiastic collection of pickers, wine-lovers and drinkers to help us along.
Raidis Estate, Redman Wines, Patrick of Coonawarra, Hollick Estates, Jim Brand Wines & Penley Estate are collaborating by donating a barrel each to make the Coonawarra Cabernet which will be sold for $30 per bottle by Vinomofo, of which the FULL proceeds will be donated to local charity, AC CARE, in the fight against homelessness.

The Coonawarra community-based grape picking will be held on Saturday,14th April, with a picking party to follow, coinciding with Coonawarra After Dark weekend celebrating vintage in Coonawarra.


Register your interest here: The Homeless Grapes Project | Coonawarra

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