Lindeman’s Coonawarra

The Lindeman’s Coonawarra Trio are the ultimate expression of Coonawarra, of Lindeman’s viticultural and winemaking skills and represent the pinnacle of the Lindeman’s brand.

Lindeman’s has a long history in the Coonawarra region through buying wines for blending in the 1950’s before formally arriving in Coonawarra with the purchase of the Rouge Homme winery and its’ vineyards and land in 1965.

Since then Lindeman’s have expanded their vineyard holdings on Terra Rossa soil in central Coonawarra to include the vineyards of St George, Limestone Ridge and Nursery. From these vineyards we produce the Coonawarra benchmark wines of St George Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Limestone Ridge Vineyard Shiraz Cabernet and Pyrus Cabernet blend.

Individually each wine is a distinguished example of its particular varietal or blend, whilst collectively they are a unique range of individual vineyard wines and blends that illustrate the Coonawarra regions ability to produce some of Australia’s greatest red wines.

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Did you know?

Lindeman’s was established in 1843 by Dr Henry John Lindeman in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, making it the oldest continuous wine brand in Australia.

The one purpose of wine is to bring happiness

- Dr Henry J Lindeman

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